This is the proposed training schedule for AppSec EU 2018 as of 23 April 2018. Training subject to change based on trainer availability.

For a detailed description of each training see the full program.

Training Fee
3-Day Training: Exploiting Websites by using offensive HTML, SVG, CSS and other browser-evil by Mario Heiderich £ 2,555.00
3-Day Training: Practical DevSecOps: Continuous Security in the age of cloud by A. Imran Mohammed and Raghunath Gopinath £ 2,555.00
3-Day Training: Advanced Web Hacking - Black Belt edition by Sumit Siddharth, Sunil Yadav and Sudhanshu Chauhan £ 2,555.00
2-Day Training: Web Application Security Essentials by Fabio Cerullo £ 1,555.00
2-Day Training: Pentesting the modern application stack by Francis Alexander and Bharadwaj Machiraju £ 1,555.00
2-Day Training: Automated Defense using serverless for AWS, Azure and GCP by Madhu Akula & Subash Sn £ 1,555.00
1- Day Training: Access Control for Rest API's by Johan Peeters and Michael Boeynaer £ 830.00

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