AppSec Europe will take place in London, United Kingdom, a dynamic and engaging city easily accessible from central Europe and most countries around the world.

Traveling to London


You can reach London by plane, from most major airports around Europe and the world. London boasts three major airports that serve city and are on average within 1.5 hours drive to the city centre.


Traveling to the QEII Conference Centre

London Tube System

London offers a very centrally connected Tube Travel System making it easy and quick to travel through London to reach the QEII. The tube stations located closest to the QEII are; Saint James Park and Westminster.

Taxi / Uber

London offers visitors a extensive taxi service. All taxis accept credit card. Guests also have access to Uber in London in if they choose to use it.


If your hotel is close by, it is also very safe to walk during the day to the QEII centre which is nicely located in the centre of London.